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“Unlimited information in our Finger tips.”

"Their size and shapes are new for us. We are working with organised and un-organised data."

"We need to find and explore a new way of understanding in order to tell its inner story."


Our Mission

Solutions  &  guidances

The key to good decision making is not knowledge. It is understanding.
Malcolm Gladwell

Datacredence is a market research and consulting company specialized in quantitative market research and advanced data analytics aiming to support your business decisions.


Our mission is to provide impactful and actionable solutions for your business decisions with our expertise on market research, data management, and advanced analytic consulting.


What Can We Do For You?

No “nice-to-know” info, only actionable insights

Creating real impact


                     On your business is our ultimate goal. 

We listen: We are always inquisitive and open to learning. Your questions help us improve our services.
We collaborate: We believe that a great project can only be done by teamwork. We strive to work together. 
We challenge: We love complex problems and hard work. Our many years of experience is based on not resting until we find the right solutions.
We have fun: We inspire and motivate both our team members and our clients so that we all enjoy this journey. We love what we do.

Track your key performance indicators on custom designed dashboard reports.




Forecast your KPI based on the expected trends of the market and/or external conditions.


Check the results of basic statistics to have better understanding on the story inside the data.



Simulate your planned activities’ result and optimise them according to changing conditions and ROI.

Our Solution Platform: DARLink

Data Analysis Research Link

Datacredence developed a platform that unites all types of data collection method & cloud-based reporting tools : DARLink

Cloud based DashBoard Reports

  • Easy to use & interactive

  • Provides different layers of reporting

  • Can only be accessed via private passwords

  • Gives daily reports

For deeper analysis

  • Links our data with secondary and other sources on quarter level.

  • Collects and combines information from audits, observations, and questionnaires from retailers

Data quality via

  • Double confirmation system for each observation

  • Confirmation via photo  

  • Data collection and storage system, compatible with PDPL.


Types of data we collect

  • Traditional audit, price and stock collection via barcode/product detail

  • Census studies and geographical location.

  • Merchandising and other studies on retailers.   

  • All types of quantitative studies on consumers.

Road Map

Project process is key for insightful results

It is crucial for us to have a clear and open process in our projects. Research is the first step to cover all the important details in order to understand the inner story of the case.

We design and develop solutions that address our clients’ short and long term goals. Our aim is to collect the data together with their context in the market, process them in our platform, and deliver the results on time for decision making. Our expertise and technical capability are the basis of our flexibility and speed.

The final step involves advising the clients’ team and applying regular updates whenever necessary.

Why Work With Us?

Expertise is always needed even with smart algorithms

Often a sign of expertise is noticing what doesn't happen.

Malcolm Gladwell


Our innovative and enthusiastic performance on our first year was awarded by the Turkish Researchers' Association. We were delighted to receive the "Innovative Owl Award" for 2019.

About Us

About Us

Datacredence has a professional and experienced team, but it also works with freelancers. Your project team will be assembled according to the needs and the scope of your projects under the leadership of Cagla Bakis.

Cagla Bakis, founder of Datacredence, began her career in the market research at Zet Research Company. When the company signed a partnership deal with ACNielsen in 1994, she became the head of the statistics department. In 1998 she founded the advanced modeling department. Between 2007 and 2016, she took on regional tasks in Nielsen.

She had expertise on both descriptive and predictive analysis concentrated mainly on retail sales and consumer data. She mainly worked on data management, statistics, project management and advance analytic consulting. Her analyses covered issues such as forecast analysis, segmentation, price-promotion modeling, ROI analysis, and logistic regression.

She conducted multi-country projects and also worked on price and promo modeling in different  countries in Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe. In Nielsen, she was also responsible for the centralisation and standardisation of Analytic Solutions study for EU countries.

Datacredence team has a creative and innovative working practice. The goal of the team is to provide impactful and actionable solutions to answer the clients’ questions by combining different data sources, research and analysis techniques, as well as creating customized and user friendly report standards.


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+90  216 339 7900


Kosuyolu Mahallesi Asmadalı Sokak No 33 Kadıköy 34718 Istanbul Turkey



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